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Avenged Sevenfold: "The Stage" is out now

Avenged Sevenfold wrapped up their 3D, virtual reality, 360 degree live concert stream from the roof of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, Calif., on Thursday night, Oct. 27 (watch the full concert in the Facebook player below), and then promptly announced at midnight ET that their new album, The Stage, is out now, confirming reports from earlier on Thursday that the album would be dropping Friday (Oct. 28).

The Stage is available in various bundle options at the band’s webstore or it can be purchased digitally and physically through the outlets listed here.

The Stage contains 11 tracks totaling totaling over 71 minutes of new music, including what’s sure to be an epic closing track, “Exist,” which clocks in just under 16 full minutes. The song features a guest appearance by world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who delivers a spoken word piece he wrote specifically for this recording. The album is also the first conceptual record for A7X, with a central theme of artificial intelligence inspired by the works of Carl Sagan and Elon Musk.

Avenged Sevenfold, The Stage Track Listing:

01. “The Stage” (8:32)

02. “Paradigm” (4:19)

03. “Sunny Disposition” (6:41)

04. “God Damn” (3:42)

05. “Creating God” (5:35)

06. “Angels” (5:41)

07. “Simulation” (5:31)

08. “Higher” (6:29)

09. “Roman Sky” (5:00)

10. “Fermi Paradox” (6:31)

11. “Exist” (15:39)

Source: Loudwire

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