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Retro Active Series: New pickups from EMG

With a brand new preamp and a classic open-coil design, EMG has introduced the Retro Active humbucker pickup sets. Retro Active pickups are reminiscent of designs from the past, while utilizing the benefits of decades of technological advancement. The Fat 55 and Super 77 take a traditionally wound PAF-style humbucker and incorporate a preamp specifically created for the sound that players crave, resulting in a tonal response that reacts unlike anything heard before. The Super 77 brings a grit and edge reminiscent of '70s rock sounds while the Fat 55 evokes the best tones of the late '50s. With the benefit of a low-impedance output, there is virtually no hum, buzz or treble loss. The new Retro Active sets bring the best of both worlds to players with traditional bobbins, windings, and pole pieces that produce cleaner tone and removing the hum and noise traditionally associated with non-active humbuckers. The original idea for the active pickup came about in the early '70s after EMG’s founder removed the PAF from his brother’s 335 and designed a pre-amp to get rid of the noise. The Retro Active concept was resurrected from that same external pre-amp approach. 41 years after introducing active pickup technology to the world, EMG has launched a new tone revolution with the Retro Active series.

Some sound demos:

Fat 55 Set

Super 77 Set

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