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After all, Black Sabbath will release four new songs on "The End" tour compilation

So far, the band has remained pretty consistent in stating there will not be a follow-up to the overwhelming success of their comeback album, 13. There is good news though!

Black Sabbath's new album called "The End" will be sold as a tour-exclusive compilation featuring four never before heard studio songs from the 13 sessions.

With the addition of these four songs along with the four bonus tracks from 13, Sabbath wrote enough material in one session to span two albums. Guitarist Tony Iommi is known for starting from scratch when it comes to writing new records, so The End will serve as an unexpected bonus for their insatiable fans who only whetted their appetite with the 2013 disc. “Season of the Dead,” “Cry All Night,” “Take Me Home” and “Isolated Man” will possibly be the last songs the band etches into the annals of their storied history.

The End Compilation Tracklisting

1. “Season of the Dead” 2. “Cry All Night” 3. “Take Me Home” 4. “Isolated Man” 5. “God is Dead?” (Live Sydney, Australia 4/27/13) 6. “Under the Sun” (Live Auckland, New Zealand 4/20/13) 7. “End of the Beginning” (Live Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 4/11/14) 8. “Age of Reason” (Live Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 4/11/14)


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