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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine interviewed by Noisey

​In a recent interview for the Noisey, Megadeth's frontman Dave Mustaine has talked about the new band's album "Dystopia". Check out one excerpt from the interview below:

Noisey: And I know you’re coming from that more conservative viewpoint, which is more common in heavy metal than people may assume; it’s a genre that places an emphasis on tradition and individual freedoms—views that are themselves often interpreted as conservative.

Mustaine: "I'm not really that conservative, by the way. I'm loyal to what my viewpoints are. My mom was first-generation American, she was born in Germany, so I have a lot of European influence in my upbringing, and I don't really think that I'm conservative as much as some of the other people, but I do know I'm loyal to the bands and the people that I like. People have made a big deal about my faith, but for god's sake, the bass player of Megadeth is a pastor, why doesn't anybody bring that up?"

Noisey: Because you’re the lightning rod.

Mustaine: "Yeah! It has nothing to do with Christianity, it has to do with me and what I believe in. I could be a Presbyterian, and say that when you die you get thrown up onto the roof of your house or something like that. It’s because of what I believe. No one goes up against David Ellefson and says, “So you believe in God, huh?” Dave is kind one of those dudes that he's not the lightning rod."

Check out the full interview here


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