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MXR releases the EVH 5150 Overdrive

Eddie Van Halen’s 5150 amplifier is loved by a wide range of musicians for its high gain high saturation design that can suit anything from hard rock to downtuned deathcore. Before if you wanted to get this tone you had to invest in a powerful 120w head and 4×12 cab to support it. That is probably the best 5150 sound you can get but what if all you needed was a small pedal? And this time it isn't the amazing Wampler's Pinnacle...

According to MXR "the resulting EVH 5150™ Overdrive joins hand-adjusted multi-stage MOSFETs with a full complement of controls to deliver overdriven tube-like tones and exceptional sonic flexibility through a wide variety of amps and speaker cabinets."

The development of this pedal is a result of a collaboration between MXR, with Jeorge Tripps in front, and Eddie itself. With the (presumably) same incredible gain stage the amp is known for as well as built in boost and noise gate functions on top of a full 3 band EQ you really have everything you need here. Even your small and clean tube amp will distort up like a dream with this pedal in front of it.

This means you can travel light and as long as there is a clean house amp available you can get your insane high gain tone just out of a single pedal in front of you.

The release date is November 1, however a important question still remains in the air... does it djent?


  • Designed in close collaboration with Eddie Van Halen

  • Delivers a full range of powerful saturation via multi-stage MOSFETs

  • Features 3-band EQ section for versatile tweakability

  • Boost switch adds extra gain and compression

  • Gate control tames unwanted noise

  • Sounds great through a wide variety of amps and speaker cabs

Price - US$ 199

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