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Ignite Amps Plugins - Shootout

What's up folks!

The Ignite Amps project was born in 2006, by the desire of two musicians to come out of the canons of the conventional amplification music market, trying to undermine the need to adapt to "pre-packaged" products. Our approach was simply to start building what we needed.

Their plugins are designed to be perfect recreations of real tube and solid state electronic circuits, providing realistic results for recording.

In all my tests using their plugins, this feeling of being playing through a real amp is true. Dialing the knobs you can easily find some great tones, from very clean to crunch and high gain/metal tones.

If you still not convinced that Ignite Amps plugins are great, go to their website and download them, so you you'll see and listen with your own eyes and ears. There are versions for both Mac and Windows user.

Check out the video shootout:

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