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Line 6 Helix World's 1st Review by Rob Chapman & Capt. Lee

What's up folks!

And they did it again! After the world's first exclusive demo of the first Orange pedal (Bax Bangeetar) and Rockverb Mark III, Rob "Chappers" and Capt. Lee Anderson have done the world's first review of the Line 6 Helix, a product that arrives with "built-in" controversy (mainly the price tag of US$ 1499,99).

In this review/demo, divided in 2 parts, they have covered the main aspects around the unit itself like how it sounds direct into a PA system and interacting with an valve Amp (Victory V30) using 4 cables method.

It's clear that Line 6 lost their space among the guitar players since the arrival of Axe FX II and Kemper Profiling Amp units, which forced Line 6 to get into the game of high-level guitar effect processors (POD HD 500 X owners please don't get mad, ok?).

As seen in the videos, Line 6 has made a great job in design, aesthetics and amp simulation, but is this enough to convince the guitar community? Only the time will tell us...

Here you have both videos from Rob's Channel, take your own conclusions:

Go out and make some noise!

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