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Zack de la Rocha releases a new single, solo album to arrive in 2017

The new song “Digging for Windows” arrived earlier this week, with de la Rocha’s unmistakable booming voice rapping over a bass-heavy beat sharing a dark vision of modern times. De la Rocha appeared on the Run the Jewels track “Close Your Eyes (And Count to F–k)” a couple of years ago, and released music with Jon Theodore under the moniker One Day as a Lion prior to that. But this is the first song solely listed under Zack’s name.

You can check it right here:

Meanwhile, the fans can expect a release for a full album from the vocalist only in 2017.

In a series of tweets, El-P wrote, “The Zack de la Rocha album is happening in 2017. And yes this is new material made this year and yes there is more where that came from. And that’s all the info I’m authorized to give out."

Source: Loudwire

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