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The Metalist interviews Chris Broderick

Chris Broderick (Act of Defiance, ex-Megadeth) is one of the most prominet guitarist on planet and this week he has been interviewed by The Metalist.

As he and Megadeth drummer Shaun Drover departed from the thrash metal titan last year, they catch up with Chris to ask a few questions on just why he left such a colossal outfit, and what his new band Act of Defiance is all about.

Read an extract here and listen to the entire interview in the link below below:

So we just wanted to quickly touch on last year, what made you and Shaun decide to leave Megadeth?

Ah yes the big question everybody is asking! Well it was really independent from each of us..I’d been thinking of leaving for some time, and it really came down to a measurement of pluses and negatives as the same with any job you know. Like ‘the pay is good but I have to deal with this or that’ and you’re constantly measuring. For me it was great for my career…I love the fact I got to play in the big four, but once Shaun quit I knew that he had made the right decision because Dave was asking us to come down and record…you don’t want to start a project like that when you know that you might be leaving it and your heart is not in it. So I decided that Shaun was right and the time to leave was now, so that’s why, at least from myself I ended up quitting.

So you say you didn’t have any dedication to it…were you ever part of the writing process for the Megadeth albums?

Not really, I mean I did get some songwriting credits but it always had to meet Dave’s criteria of what he wanted and how he thought songs should sound and rightfully so! Megadeth basically is Dave, he controls it, he runs it and is the owner of his corporation. For me it just became time, I really wanted to express myself creatively and be able to get it out there for people to listen to…

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